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Victorian Bodices ,choosing the right waistline for your cheats guide corset or bodice

I thought a post on bodice lengths and waistline styles might be useful to go with my “cheats Guide to making a Victorian gown”.This is a very quick run through the Victorian era and gives a quick rather than extensive … Continue reading

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A possible Bronte Photograph?

As I have occasionally been asked about the possible “new Bronte Photograph “,it has a fascinating history and is interesting in its own right .I do not however belive it’s a photograph of the sisters. Photo from please follow the … Continue reading

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Showtimes The Tudors ,a love/ hate relationship .

The Tudors series by showtime  has had a mixed reception ,,roughly  split between  academics ,historians and costumers who hate it and everyone else who loves it .I was really excited when I heard the series would be on initially, but … Continue reading

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Tudor clothing layers

A very quick post to explain the layers and terms used in Tudor clothing for anyone wanting a quick guide on how to wear a costume they may have bought  or hired for an event.This is not an academic guide … Continue reading

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1940s re enactment and the hidden horrors of those smart German uniforms

I know there has been controversy about the growth of  German uniforms visible at 1940s events ,some events have banned the presence of  “German” re enactors while others limit the re enactors movements. I can personally see that it is … Continue reading

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Tudor Headresses

A few photos from our Etsy shoot today as they show some of the more unusual Tudor headresses Not the most elegant photo ever but heres the front view The historical references are these images I also photographed my faux … Continue reading

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Lucy Locket lost her Pocket,,A short look at a forgotton treasure

( The almost forgotten rhyme “Lucy locket lost her pocket ,Kitty fisher found it ,not a penny was there in it but the binding round it ” Is the only remaining record in popular culture of a little known yet … Continue reading

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Tudor and Elizabethan clothing research sources

I have been planning my new years wardrobes ,I always like to have some central theme or historical figure in mind as  it then makes it easier to focus detailed research on the gowns ,head dresses  etc.My usual choice is … Continue reading

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The easy Gable hood guide

This is post in my Tudor cheats series.This post gives fairly easy Gable hood instructions . It isnt overly hard and can be made with no costuming or sewing skills but unlike the other hoods takes a fairly long time ,it takes … Continue reading

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