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The Evita Project ,or why is Eva Peron still relevant?


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A possible Bronte Photograph?

As I have occasionally been asked about the possible “new Bronte Photograph “,it has a fascinating history and is interesting in its own right .I do not however belive it’s a photograph of the sisters. Photo from   http://www.brontesisters.co.uk/ please follow the … Continue reading

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Showtimes The Tudors ,a love/ hate relationship .

The Tudors series by showtime  has had a mixed reception ,,roughly  split between  academics ,historians and costumers who hate it and everyone else who loves it .I was really excited when I heard the series would be on initially, but … Continue reading

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The hidden Charlotte Bronte

I am going to be  at the Bronte parsonage museum for Charlottes birthday next weekend and I have been working on  a talk to give visitors who may not know much about the Brontes an introduction to Charlotte ,but which … Continue reading

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What did the Christians ever do for us? the contribution of Christians to the sciences and human Rights

A very quick post ,it has been suggested that Christians are by the very fact they belive in Jesus Christs death and resurrection must be unscientific or ignorant .Also that christianity has caused more damage than good and christians just … Continue reading

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How to put victorian or replica victorian clothing on

Just a very quick post on dressing in period costume as WGW is coming up and Haworths going steam punk in Nov The most important thing is highlighted in the Goth day public service announcement First some donts If your … Continue reading

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False friends and true loves ,

It has long been a practice in Bronte circles to treat Ellen Nussey with great deal of affection and consider her Charlotte’s “closest” friend,someone who can be relied on to give accurate representations of the sisters ,branwell and Patrick,,but this … Continue reading

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What the Bible says about Women part two. Ezer Kenegdo .

As mentioned in my first post on what the Bibles says about Women ,this is a response to the number of sites promoting the submissive wife and  Titus 2 woman.Titus is a New testament letter and gives instructions on  conduct … Continue reading

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Titus 2 and what the bible really says about women Introduction

I have noticed an alarming  prevalence of Titus 2 websites  promoting the role of women as homemakers and submissive wives and felt a series of posts on what the bible really says about the role of women might be in … Continue reading

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The Peregrina Pearl

I have been buying fabric for the Mary Tudor gown I have  found the velvet,cut velvet and the damask  for the sleeves however the jewelery has been harder I have hunting the net for a similar brooch to Marys as … Continue reading

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