Tudor Headresses

A few photos from our Etsy shoot today as they show some of the more unusual Tudor headresses

fur hood white

Not the most elegant photo ever but heres the front view


white fur hood

The historical references are these images

partlet fur hoodwhite-coif--1541-hans-holbein-the-younger

I also photographed my faux wolf  fur gable hood

fur gable hood sidefur gable hood etsy

The historical refences are the Portrait of Margret Pole in an ermine covered hood margret pole

and another  portrait I can find on my laptop but which was used as inspiration by The costumers for the BBC series  “The six wives of Henry VIII ”

The remaining headresses are an English intermediate hood

english  black  int hood

Heres the side view

english interdiate black hood

english intermediate hood back blackmoor

These are based on several Holbein portraits but especially this sketch of Ann Creasacre

HolbeinAnneCresacre1527 white band

Finaly there is an early style French hood with a very small black veil/bag back which is much more snood like

black and purple sleeves

the historical reference is primarily this image

tudor-french-hood snood

These are currently listed on Esty  here



About hathawaysofhaworth

I am a Historian and author living in the north
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