Free use Bronte resources updated

I have a great many photos illustrating some of the Brontes novels or poetry ,or from events at the Parsonage and of the surronding area  that I used for my past work  and I thought it would be nice to share them.This page also includes copyright free images collected during my research .I have added links to  free to read online Bronte biographies, poetry and stories .Theres a slideshow of more images but heres a few recent ones not in it.I thought the photos of my replica Emilys writing desk etc might be useful for bloggers who wanted to avoid copyright issues with other images

This is Bronte Falls ,as with the other images the person in the photograph is me and I give permisson for it and any others of me to be used for any non commercial purpose


Where grey flocks in ferny glens are feeding, sheep in bracken just below top withins


The following are of Victoria Smith and David Chalmers for his shoot for Bronte Liqiours I made the outfit53781108_508209869706357_2593491674994835456_n.jpg






Another Kathy as mistress of the Grange images


Victoria Smith Bronte liquir shoot the road to upper heights


Bridge over the Worth




Tilly a King  Charles Spaniel at the parsonage gate




Pondon Hall,This was supposed to represent Kathy at the Grange



Bronte Bell chapel plate


Flip side ,thse were created to help raise funds for the bell chapel and there were limited numbers

bronte plate back 2019.jpg

Oxenhope Grave yard

victorian mourning outfit

cbshoot 078



Me and a young friend ,this is a public domain permisson because it was taken during some filming for a Big Screen Bradford promotional video


IMG_0139The Tour de France shoot,I have more and the details further down the page

bronte bikes


The path to Blackmoor road from Oxenhope another path probably used by the Brontes


moor path

moor top2

One of the high roads into Haworth after heavy snow,which probably usefully illustrates how stupid it was to go to the heights as it was snowing

diggers dog and gun road


The night is darkening round me ,,

moor back 1

Marsh chapel

marsh chapek

patience on a monument

1830s gown showing arm smocking

1830s dress


Wycoller clapper bridge and an 1850 gown and underlayers




laura and me

moor top skyline



Theres an interesting post about Snow in the brontes work here

a little known event


Stones moor

webshot purple victorian dress SHAWL






Oxenhope Graveyard






grave running sg

A mid 1850s gown so post Bronte era ,but this is Saltair model villages mill






Yorkshire sheep ,Penistone


This was a more or less unknown event ,a photoshoot by the local press to promote the Tour de France,I call it the Bronte bikes shoot,though a friend calls it Wuthering bikes ,because it was blowing a gale

bronte bikes

This is a photo of the artist with the painting he created to go on Plates funding the Bronte Bell Chapels replacement stones

bronte bell chapel Atw

bronte bell chapel me and the ruins

More Bronte bikes photos

bronte cars

Brontes shoot

Me another spring time bronte event



charlottoe graveyard

An old  path which looks like a old road ,which I call the greenway it goes to the top of Lumb Beck and then to Oldfeild I am fairly sure the Brontes must have used it as its a route from Haworth to  Oldfeild ,that also crosses Sladen Beck at a pack horse bridge ,which I think may have been the only crossing before the road was builtsnow in Bronte country 17 33

This was from a Mrs Bronte event ,it celebrate Patrick and Maria Brontes wedding anniversary I think it was in 2013


Bronte moorsMe again with quite a pretty photo of the School,I will include a few photos with the school ,parsonage etc as backdrops because we took most from angles that would obscure any modern signs etc

charlotte shoot Bronte school

Me yet again in a replica bonnet and geniune antique  cloak ,the brown taffetta being the closest modern fabric I could find to the Parsonage gown.

brown dress claok hat

From the filming

brotne filming

Me Pen Mon point wales to illustrate the final lines of Villette

back villet

and an edite

villette_edite_by_abigial709b-d46wsio wp

Kathy after her make over by the Lintons

back kath

The path from Bronte falls and Top Withins to Pondon hall ,this call titled “road from the Heights ” To illustrate how Kathy would nolonger easily fit into the old life she had after being at the hall


Another Bikes shot

wuthering bikes

Kathy Pondon ,I am a litttle bit unsure of the fashion timeline for Wuthering Heights if the location is taken into account as fashion in a remote part of Yorkshire might have lagged behind or been different ,but this would have been the “sunday best ” of a lady at a hall in the south.The resevoir at Pondon is post Victorian


Unquiet slumbers ,taken at a small graveyard at the end of Blackmore road Leeming

unquiet slumbers bst

Above Bronte falls



My recreated contents of Emily writing slope in a genuine writing slope


The diary papers and other items,they are all actual size and actual content ,the papers are genuine victorian though sadly not the reviews themselves



The filming again

emily shoot pars

an 1830s gown and pelerine collar

images (1)

penistone crag 1


Scarbrough beach to illustrate Agnes Grey,an 1830s gown


Again part of the Agnes Grey shoot ,an 1830s gown and bonnet


Another Anne Illustration ,Helen from the Tenant of Wildfell hall ,taken in the huge fireplace at Wycoller Hall


parsonage side view

The road to Ferndean ,the Packhorse Bridge Wycoller

the road to ferndean

The clapper Bridge Wycoller,this is a mid 1850s gown so too late for the Brontes era ,but this is a good photo of the bridge


The Bronte bell Chapel

bell chapel group

The square chapel Halifax

sqchaple hal

Wycoller hall,this was supposed to suggest Jane Eyre returning to Fairfax after its destruction in a fire

the ruins of thronfeild  hall

A tongue in cheek Jane Eyre photo ,to suggest the Novel by Quick publishers ,Jane Slayer

Jane Slayer

Jane on the moors

moors ja

Cold in the Earth ,this is Oxenhope grave yard




path from the Parsonage to the moors


Through the gate to the Parsonage meadow









Just a random photo

celtic chemise

The filming ,my young friend

emily shoot



A bronte gown ,the Brown gown with a wide darker velvelt hem

brown gown bodice




emily and parsonage graveyard



Parsonage long view EJB

There is off course the excellent Bronte Parsonage museums catalogue here

and the museums blog

The Bronte blog spot which covers research ,international and national bronte events ,plays ,movies etc and reviews ,new bronte products

The equaly excellent

For French speakers theres

There is an online libery of many Bronte texts ,research  papers, biographies etc here.

While our own image resource is here

It includes the replica I made of Emilys writing slope contents ,some images created to illustrate scenes from the novels or poems and photos of events that occured which bloggers might want ot reference

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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