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How to put victorian or replica victorian clothing on

Just a very quick post on dressing in period costume as WGW is coming up and Haworths going steam punk in Nov The most important thing is highlighted in the Goth day public service announcement First some donts If your … Continue reading

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1480 to 1600 ,When women ruled the world, part one

While  it is common to bemoan the fate of women in the late medieval /early renaissance period I would suggest that it was in fact a time when women shaped Europe’s history and made changes that are still felt in … Continue reading

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What the Bible says about Women part two. Ezer Kenegdo .

As mentioned in my first post on what the Bibles says about Women ,this is a response to the number of sites promoting the submissive wife and  Titus 2 woman.Titus is a New testament letter and gives instructions on  conduct … Continue reading

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The Early Tudor white band unimportant mystery or the key to Tudor gown construction?

As I have been working my way through the Tudor era I have been doing further research on the puzzling white band that appears in many early Tudor portraits. The result is this rather long post. I have put forward … Continue reading

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Lucy Locket lost her Pocket,,A short look at a forgotton treasure

(http://www.mfa.org/collections/object/pocket-112116) The almost forgotten rhyme “Lucy locket lost her pocket ,Kitty fisher found it ,not a penny was there in it but the binding round it ” Is the only remaining record in popular culture of a little known yet … Continue reading

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Tudor and Elizabethan clothing research sources

I have been planning my new years wardrobes ,I always like to have some central theme or historical figure in mind as  it then makes it easier to focus detailed research on the gowns ,head dresses  etc.My usual choice is … Continue reading

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Victorian Mourning part two,The clothing

Victorian mourning after the funeral was ended became the domain of the ladies closest to the deceased.While men wore black ties and perhaps carried momentos such as hairwork watch “chains” Women had  months or years of wearing mourning clothing ahead … Continue reading

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Artifacts,privacy and Morality ponderings on King Richard III ,the Brontes and Eva Peron

I  always feel that historians ,anthropologists and archeologists can have a slightly schizophrenic attitude to the dead ,wanting to study their lives in detail yet mindful these were real people.They are also  forced to make decisions of what is and … Continue reading

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Eva Peron Becoming Evita

As I covered the time before she met Peron in my last post ,I thought I would  pick up a little further along and start from Perons time as President .I realise there are  incidents during the time before they … Continue reading

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Charlotte Brontes wardrobe unlocked The going away Gown

This was a dress I had been hoping to examine closely as its one of the gowns which can be assigned to Charlotte with absolute certainty and one I had tried to replicate (unsuccessfully) from memory .It was the first … Continue reading

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