About Hathaways a overview in images

First Hathaways includes Myself

Tilly our Cavalier King Charles who is a part-time worker though since she arrived she’s been the subject of special requests from several homes.

,many  residents  have had  their own pets in the past love to see a friendly little dog

My lovely husband John who accompanies me either as co-worker in the Day centers ,schools and homes or as “technical adviser in the talks ,lectures and conferences,,,

and finally

A number of occasional workers ,young ladies who assist in promotional work,filming,day centers and home talks and act as models for our costume designs

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2 Responses to About Hathaways a overview in images

  1. Ellie says:

    Your designs are beautiful! You are very talented. I am making a Victorian style dress for a project and I was wondering about the kind of hoop boning you use or some you would recommend. I have found plastic bonings in Joann Fabrics but I think I might need something sturdier. Please let me know if you have any suggestions! Thanks.

    • Hi
      I anm sorry I cant help with regard to boning as I always use the boning taken from damaged hooped petticoats but I can let you know my suppliers for those ,,,I buy very sturdy hooped petticoats from the USA ,I thinks its a seller called Angels bridal,,they are advertised as 5 or 6 hoop civil war era petticoatson ebay ,I use the petticoats for work until they get too scuffed and then remove the boning to use for bustles ,panniers etc as its very sturdy and flexible ,,the cheaper hoopskirts from China have very brital boning that kinks easily and snaps if its bent too far . Iam sorry I cant be more helpful

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