Free images resources for bloggers,costumers

I have added a large gallery of imges for bloggers who want photos of the area or off original fashion plates ,or costumes ,for their,travel,history, costume blogs ,Bronte blogs etc ,However please  give photo credit to  John Cunliffe of Scope Enterprise ,add a link to this blog and also if possible contact me in advance prior to use as we have regulare problems with people stealing images for commercial use .Any of the images on the blog can be used free by bloggers but I wanted to include a page of images that have large enough image files for you. If any images are not large enough please let me know as I may have bigger files .We retain copyright



Commercial use is permitted for a minor fee and we retain copyright,In the case of self publishing authors ,charities, small theatres etc the fee is usually a  photo credit,free copy of the book, tickets to the play etc ,other commercial users, image use for posters ,flyers,websites is only £25 per image .We retain full copyright.

6 Responses to Free images resources for bloggers,costumers

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  2. free images says:

    Nice and useful :-). Thanks. Very informative and nice blog. I will surely stay tuned

  3. Rohan says:

    Nice collection. Thanks for this post.

  4. Izzy says:

    I would like to use your image for a project for my drama class, but for the project we have to act as if we are receiving permission to publish the photos we use, is there any way would would be willing to give me the information necessary to write up a mock letter for permission to publish?

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