DWP decision makers ,Focus on David Coventry ,Kerry Lee and Sam Taylor

I do not normally blame employees for the polices of those who employ them ,however where those employees use lies and misinformation to destroy the lives and reputations of the vulnerable then they need to be held to account .We seem to live in country where DWP allow these normally faceless clerks and office workers to arrogate themselves above, doctors,consultants,the  law and even parliment.I will therefore be using my blog to name the DWP staff who were invovled in my PIP claim and show how every single one without fail told lies and showed a deep ignorance of conditions they claimed to have made informed decisions on.

I had PIP stopped in December 2018 after an assesment at my home at the end of October ,I wasnt given a choice about wether I would allow DWP to invade my home and privacy I was told allow the assessor in or  have PIP stopped.PIP was stopped anyway .I recently had a tribunal which found no reason for my original award not to have been renewed.The tribunal increased the award and extended its length.

The   DWP decision makers lied repeatedly and their comments frequently bore no relationship to the ATOS decision makers report  they claimed to have based it on .This is the reason given for refusing to renew my PIP award.

atos dwp say why pip ended

sam taylos name

Sam Taylor claimed to have read the ATOS  report and reported its contents .The ATOS report varied considerably from Sam Taylors account of it.Here is one of several examples,I wil go into the decisions makers reports in more detail lower in my post

key papssage no anxity pip.jpg

yet this is what the heath care proffesionals report said

sdifficults atos recorded.jpg

assesror actrual accout ptsd pip.jpg

pip 3.jpg


David Coventry despite claiming to have reviewed the decision makers report and despite claiming to have checked the original report upheld most of  its lies ,only slightly modifying  it in one area by conceding I had been anxious and left the room twice.But had otherwise interacted normally .He also stated there had been a physical examination ,something directly contracted by the ATOS assesors report from which he claimed to get his evidence ,its from directly below her account of my anxity attack.He refers to the anxity attack but still claims there was a physical examination

dc report opening paragrpahs.jpg

The decision makers  lies have caused both myself and no doubt others extensive distress and hardship but he was not the only person involved ,the other decision maker /clerk was Kerry Lee  but I will be dealing with Ms Lees input in a futher post as its requires an extensive post.

I do not  make these claims based on my personal opinion,unlike DWP decision makers I dont use my opinions to destroy the lives of others ,nor from a personal desire for revenge.I have provided evidence from  DWPs own paperwork and from the ATOS assesors own report and ATOS response to my complaint.While there are other mistakes I am going to confine my post to those quickly and easily shown to be lies .

I write this so that anyone whose cases David Coventry  or Sam Taylor has handled can be aware I have proof of  their unreliabilty  ,share this post and ask DWP to rexamine their cases and so that those who are their superiors  might bring influence to bare to have all the named persons cases reassesed .

David Coventry conceeded in the mandatory review that original decision maker had lied in claiming I showed no anxity in the assesment so there is some purely internal evidence their  work should be reviewed .Social interacction is a criteria were significant points are awarded, lying about any distresss which was witnessed and recorded by the ATOS assesor herself is unpardonable.

These are my accusations

1/ They both  misrepresented the ATOS assesors report and told lies about its contents

This was in key areas were points would have been awarded and where the tribunal did infact award points.

2/They arrogated their views above those of  those who were medically qualfied to make them and did so without due research or cause .While DWP decision makers are allowed to overide GPs and other doctors input ,they can only legally do so if the evidence they have to support their opinion holds medical value.

3/ David Coventry did not read paperwork he claimed to have read and made a decision to uhold my withdrawal of PIP based not on evidence but on DWP policy

 I submit the following as evidence

First David Coventrys  statment  in detail as it enlarges on my PIP decision letter it can be seen as proof of both the orginal decison makers report and this review . I have not left out any relvent parts and  I can privatly send the full report

dc report opening paragrpahs

statment end name dc

As I have estalibhsed earlier the ATOS aassesor confirmed there was no physical but she also wrote about my hands

hands pip.jpg

atos hands report.jpg

Wherever Sam Taylor and David Coventry got their information from it was not the assesors report

Other areas my PTSD

DWP have mainted I have no diagnosis and take no medication for PTSD or panic attacks

Heres their input

no care plan ect ,dc after mentioing marac evidence

the assesor actually wrote that I had been diagnosed with PTSD  and did have medication

ptsd diagonoses atos.jpg

medicaztion at asesment pip.jpg

This is DWP own record of evidence I sent and  correspondence

evidence listr medic

alledged only medication pip

He further claimed that my Epilpesy was “low risk”that I only had “twitches”

epilpesy dc

yet my asssors report had a comments that linked these so called twitches to an accident that required a hospital visit.While Myroclonic jerks are much more than twitches and mine are severe and usually several occure in rapid succesion .I have juvenile myroclonic epilpesy which is a complicated form of Epilpesy involving two or more kinds of seizure.The classic gran mal fit and in my case these myroclonic jerks ,despite its name Juvenile myrocolnic epilpesy doesnt disappear in adulthood ,the name refers to its onset time

twitches and fall 1.jpg

“The points awarded ” are mostly zero ,I was awarded two points for using a aid for dressing etc and  for food prep.I lost my basic PIP award.Now 7 months later the tribunal has awarded me full daily care pip and a mobilty part.It took very little time to come to that decision.DWP and these two decision makers are wasting the time of the tribunal and wasting goverment  and tax payers money .

No one from DWP turned up to the tribunal.


David coventry then said “I agree with the findings of the AP and the orginal decision makers assesment as being correct and complete

i agree dc

before adding his name.This is not only a lie but a contradiction as its impossible for both the ATOS assessors report AND the DWP decision makers report to be correct,because  in several areas they contradict each .

ATOS confirm my allegations

As I mentioned  and proved in the opening paragraphs ,there was no proper physical examination ,the assessor started the examination and I could  just about cope with having my hands touched for a while but then I got too upset to go on .

She clearly noted this in her report and its also mentioned in ATOS response letter to my complaint .

full front piece letter of complaint about asserod


Atos did an internal investigation and sent me their response to my complaint ,they also make clear that they had shared ALL their information with DWP

ATOS ALL evidence.jpg


ATOS  own letter  was in response to my complaint

I complained about my ATOS assesor after I got my pip refusal  because I assumed based on the  DWP alledged extracts that she had said I behaved normally throughout the assesment ,the DWP claimed I showed “no sign of anxity ” in their first PIP letter refusing to renew my PIP  .This was untrue I was deeply distressed throughout it

I also assumed  she witheld information on my medication and on several aids used  in some areas which she saw and seemed to have recorded.

I also complained that she claimed a non existent physical examination occured and that my hands and grip were fine despite seeing they were not and that a normal grip would be impossible.

DWP ignored all requests from me for the ATOS assesors report ,so until my tribunal appeal when they were forced to send it me I only had the DWPs word that what they said was in it,really  was in it .

I have written an apology to the ATOS asessesor because now I have seen her report I realise that she did honestly record my medication ,my words with regard to other matters, my use of aids for variouse things ,my hand damage ,the lack of a physical examination and that I had shown signs of  distress . medicaztion at asesment pip






I wrote and requested these errors were corrected before my tribunal but I did not hear back from DWP.  Their statement to the tribunal repeated all these  “mistakes” and added more ,while also trying to discredit my medical evidence . I have complained again to DWP requesting their response to the tribunals judgement .I also contacted ATOS .Atos sent me a complaint acknoledgement and I am waiting for their further responses.


My next post will show what statements DWP submitted to the tribunal ,it includes those above which were not corrected despite my requests ,but also includes a number of other  easily proven lies .

For example ,

1/a sicknote dated 11 months after I have moved to the area was described as written when I was new to the GP s practice

unctrolled eplipesy fit note dc

,while DWP tried to attach more weight to the second fit note which cited Epilpesy rather than uncontrolled Epilpesy .They used this to claim my health had improved,yet the second had been written by a GP in my new location only a couple of weeks after I joined the practice.Both never the less were proof of an impact on my life from my Epilpesy .

2/ Claiming I lied to DWP about having had ESA and won an ESA tribunal

pip 1 esa facts

by contrast they were sent my award letter and my letter confirming the transfer to universal credit when the ESA stopped as its amalgated into Universal credit

esa end date dwp letter

pip paragrpah esa

This is also a lie ,PIP and ESA have overlaping criteria and while an award of one doesnt mean you get the other ,evidence from each area can be used to support the other .This is especially relevant because I had won a tribunal for ESA only 4 months before the PIP assesment.The amount of effort DWP went through to claim I didnt get PIP to me suggests they were aware that it was relevant ,otherwise it would not even have been worth addressing

The so called outstanding appeal was an utter lie ,I had won an ESA appeal months earlier and therfore would have no possible reason to appeal .

What DWP were sent was my ESA tribunal letter ,the actual letter .The had ample evidence of a won ,not pending appeal

I will detail more points in my final post ,but one small line ot end with as it sums up DWP atttitude to victims of crime and abuse.

The evidence they refer to was a current non molestation order ,the court records of an incident so traumatic I now have PTSD and a victim protection report for special measures

pip the incresing anybody anxity at the time comment.jpg

They then go on to say essentially that was long ago and irrelevant .The NMO was at that time current .

No record was put on my file by DWP to protect my records,no record was made to send a female assesor for my home assesment and despite the clear evidence of special measures nothing was mentioned in the referal to a tribunal.Though the crime took place in Scotland that does not excuse DWP from claiming ignorance of any form of stress ,we are supposed to be a united Kingdom and they were given this paperwork .I never sent scanned copies of anything I always sent the originals .

witness crime details pip.jpg


My assesors have lied to the DWP which I assume is techincally benefit fraud

The goverment site gives the following as the consequences of lying  to DWP ,of course its designed for claiments who try to claim benefits they are not entitled to ,but surely by extension lying to refuse benefits someone is entitled to is equally actionable


You may be visited by Fraud Investigation Officers (FIOs) or asked to attend an interview to talk about your claim – this is called an ‘interview under caution’.

FIOs will gather facts about your case and decide whether to take further action.

  • you may be taken to court or asked to pay a penalty (between £350 and £5,000)

I wonder if the DWP will be making enquires about its decision makers ?

I am not sure of the legal standing of a tribunal because you dont swear an oath  but I assume that lying to it still involves lying to a court .DWP issued a statment full of lies to the Tribunals service.

“Perjury is the wilful giving of false evidence under oath or affirmation in judicial proceedings. An oath or affirmation binds the witness to tell the truth. If he gives evidence in a criminal trial or in civil proceedings which he knows to be false and which was relevant to the issues in that trial or civil proceedings, he is guilty of perjury.”


or possibly fraud

Fraud Act 2006
2 Fraud by false representation
(1)(ii)A person is in breach of this section if he causes loss to another or to expose another to a risk of loss.
(2)(a) A representation is false if it is untrue or misleading, or (b) the person making it knows that it is, or might be, untrue or misleading.
12 Liability of company officers for offences by company
(2)(a) If the offence is proved to have been committed with the consent or connivance of a director, manager, secretary or other similar officer he is guilty of the offence and liable to be proceeded against and punished accordingly.

This seems to me to exactly fit what the DWP decision makers have done to me


If you have been a victim of either Sam Taylor.Kerry Lee  0r  David Coventry please contact me via messages or share your story in comments ,the more evidence can be found the more likely it is they will be brought to account and their claiments cases re examined





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