Really Leicester University ,your teaching Research Ethics ?

Ricardian friends will find this ironic the university of Leicester has an Ethics course on Future learn,I find it abhorrent that a university whose head lecturer of archaeology finds it appropriate to excavate human remains with a mattock and hence knocked a huge whole in a human skull ,a university who then stored said human remains in a cupboard with broken electrical goods and joked about it on air.



,who did unauthorised destructive tests on human remains .



and who frequently showed lack of respect for human remains.Who were less than transparent about their funding in the media.

leicester costs dig

Who used underhand dealings that ought to be beneath an academic body  to keep within their control a king of England ,one of its greatest kings in fact and insisted despite public outrage insisted against all guidelines on burying that king among enemies instead of among his own people .A University who also stole or took credit for research carried out by others ,others who despite years of research and outstanding reputations were given no academic credit and who have been consistently sidelined and ridiculed..


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I am a Historian and author living in the north
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