barbed sky

cold on coldness

,pretty and clean looking ,

a new start snowy whiteness ,,

pure unspoiled

,yet below the snow

,chilled and frozen

denied light ,

denied warm

the heath and flowers

The small wild things unseen unmourned

wither and die .



Scream into the night ,hear the waves crash against the rocks ,

the rocks dont care ,the rocks wont bend or break ,

ever and again  tide after tide ,day after day

,wave after wave is broken againts them

yet again and again the waves  return,

gently on sunny days kissing  the rocks

,on darker days  throwing themselves in fury against them ,

,but  sunny kisses or stormy abandon neither matters

, the rocks remain  as they always will cold and barren .


Yet again caught in the storm

yet again soaked and chilled

but the rain is not an enemy

the storms blow away the dross

the rain makes new life bloom

and after the storms ,

after the rains and cold

There is the rainbow


there is sun and light

warmth and new life



About hathawaysofhaworth

I am a Historian and author living in the north
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