A few of my favourite things

I have been taking stock of the past and wanted to gather together a few  of my favourite images to summarise my costuming journey.It probably started making medieval fair costumes to wear at my daughters schools  fundraising stall at a medieval market

blue dress

But it was costumes I made for our wedding anniversary fancy dress party  and dresses I had made for a planned (though never achieved) trip to Carnevale in Venice

polonaise gown



Originally the idea had been to make and sell costumes and we took a wide range of photos of an assortment of gowns and accessories.In order to have the outfits to photograph I had to make a huge range of outfits ,none of which could of course be sold as they had been used to take the photos ,so the need to use the same fabric and bodices over and over again remade into different styles was the inspiration for the cheats guides.

This 18thc gown


became this bustle dress

back heb

We used as many different locations as possible because each outfit had a themed shoot  and we tried to use mostly  magic hour for the photos.I also tried to avoid being photographed full face

webshot purple victorian dress SHAWL

I usually wore either a big hat,a veiled hat or a mask

back mask

So a brief gallery of my favourite images

victorian chemise

Taken Holy Island Anglesy to illustrate the nightdress page of the costume website ,it was taken  in January during morning magic hour ,,the sea was really ,really cold!

The photo below was not part of the website shoot ,it was taken after our second show booking ,we went up to Penistone to get photos and I lost my balance and ended up slipping down the hill  ,John got photos of me skittering forward trying to stay upright


Another photo shoot out take,I was trying to decide if jumping onto the stone below for a photo was feasible

blue dress b,oomers

Photos taken in Halifaxs people park are my favourite 18thc photo shoot images


rose sacqe back

sacq back back

The Scarborough “Agnes Grey” shoot  ,The photos below are two of my favourite costume shots ,while the two “off the record” photos of me and becky remind me how much fun we had during most of the shoots

1830s dress scarbough

me scarb

me becks sea

scarb me becks

I love the shot below because the outfit was one of my favourites,the view is beautiful and you cant see my face

back kath


Whitby the first goth weekend we attended

baskc wgw

I really like this ,its me and john took the photo but I did the edite


Another of my edites


whitby greyscale

One of our first ever photos ,this is a friend Leah posing as Ophelia

leah river med gown


Another favourite from a photo shoot,though this was a more public shoot  with some local papers for the tour de France ,its two brave friends on the bikes while the snow clearing JCB is slowing down to get a look .

bronte bikes

My first Etsy gown shot

me snow white dress

We seemed to do a lot of snow photo shoots,I guess because January /Feb was my quiet time for speaking bookings and it was when I made new costumes and sold off old ones so I needed photos for both,


I love the one below because it captured what happened dozens of times on shoots in the snow ,for all the serene and pretty shots there was usually a lot of slipping and sliding around to get photos from a good viewpoint ,,,the photo above I was not entirely sure there was solid  ground under the snow

medieval gown snow

me snow


just a random few to end with from our favourite locations

St Ives

bluebells woods

midsummer night

st ives green drwes


red dms dress


The Moors

purple taffeta tudor gown

polonaise gown

moor top2

Bingley market cross

bingley lynn

The Coast

back villet

me laura whitby


And Haworth





1830s bronte gown








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I am a Historian and author living in the north
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