A short Easter Parable,

One night shortly after Jesus birth an angel appeared to Joseph and said” take Mary  and the child from this country for  there are people seeking your life.”Joseph at once arose and woke Mary and they left that place,they travelled through the night and for several days they travelled at night ,slept or hide during the day ,many times seeing soldiers passing close by their hiding place or hearing the cries of mothers whose children had been murdered ,night was heavy with the stench of death ,sometimes they passed groups of crosses on which the bodies of men hung .

Eventually they made the coast and boarded a ship ,they were safe .

When they arrived in the UK they were spat at and refused a place to stay ,they slept on the streets for a while and though sometimes they managed to get meals from the sally army often they went hungry ,it was winter and they were cold .Once or twice men beat up Joseph because they said he was a terrorist ,he couldnt be a proper refugee because he was a young man .

Eventually a judge decided that they were illegal immigrants ,they were imprisoned ready to be deported ,,,,,



Jesus said

“In so much as you have done this  to the least of my brethern you have done it to me .”

Jesus ,Joseph and Mary were undocumented refugees,,,,,,




About hathawaysofhaworth

I am a Historian and author living in the north
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