Haworth information centre

Bradford council are yet again showing their  disgraceful disregard for our heritage and are set to make a disastrously short sighted decision to close Haworths visitor centre ,there can be no more stupid way of “saving money” not only does the visitor centre provide an invaluable service to visitors in Haworth but it also provides information on events in other towns and at other times of the year,many people collecting leaflets there go on to visit other attractions or return to other events in Haworth and the surrounding area  .

visitor centre

The centre is ideally situated at the centre of the village ,the staff are knowledgeable and extremely helpful and friendly ,they give invaluable help and the centre is rarely if ever empty ,I lived until very recently in the next village along and often walked into Haworth or visited friends on Main street and I honestly cant remember ever seeing the visitor centre empty for more than a few minutes even in bad weather ,I have often had to go into the centre to collect leaflets or give details about events or ask about times for events and usually I have had to walk past people who were searching the shelves and on weekend and summer days the place is always packed.

For several years I  was privileged to work  in costume on main street during most of Haworth main events throughout the year and for the Bronte Parsonage Museum on other occasions and frequently I heard visitors say how useful the centre had been ,I saw people with leaflets they had collected from there about events,people would come to the museum fresh from the centre .

I also met many ,many people grateful for help given them by the centre.Haworth needs its visitor centre ,many visit wanting to see Bronte sites such as the Bronte waterfall ,Top Withins ,Wycoller ,finding the footpaths without help can be hard and advice on how easy or hard the routes are is essential.

Likewise the centre provides valuable help for those needing  practical help ,for eating out ,shopping ,accommodation  timetables for buses ,for the KWVR etc.

in Addition there are many businesses outside of Haworth that get valuable custom from people seeing their details in the Visitor centre.

The very fact that the council can even consider closing the centre shows its utter contempt for its Bronte Heritage,yet again it has shown its members are merely philistines ready to sell their birthright for a pottage.

Just a few short years again it refused to loan the Bronte Birthplace trust just over a hundred thousand in order to buy the Brontes birthplace,not only is it a priceless piece of our heritage it could have provided valuable tourism income for Thorton and very quickly paid for itself .

The area gets considerable revenue from Bronte related tourism ,it gets further revenue from the KWVR and from people visiting the moors ,penine way walkers etc the yet it clearly couldn’t care less about the village,the area,its heritage or its people



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I am a Historian and author living in the north
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