An answer to the message signed in Blood.


I have posted in the past on the atrocities being committed by fundamentalist Islamic groups ,in particular those usually abbreviated to and best known as ISIS/ISIL ,This is my last ,an answer to ISIS and a plea to the world,to Muslims ,to ISIS and to  my Christian brethren and  its especially addressed to those who are responsible for the atrocities ,unlike the cowards in videos  who send messages masked and sign them with the blood of their victims I am putting my face to this message and signing it with my name.

I am Lynn Marie Cunliffe ,I am a Christian and I stand with my brethren around the world ,I ask the world takes notice of the cries of the Christians being massacred around the world ,that it supports those Christians now refugees,that it welcomes to its countries those lucky enough to have escaped and is proactive is rescuing those in danger.

But to those supporting ,approving or committing these atrocities I say you are being misled, when you murder my Christian brethren you have not won ,you have lost ,you will always loose because for us death is not the end ,because we have our own message signed in blood ,the blood of Jesus Christ shed for all .Its an enduring message never to be overwritten or blotted out and one which Christians have though the ages gladly signed with their blood .

To all members of Isis and other groups, I say that there is a true message in blood which is written by Jesus with love for you ,you can know peace and freedom and have the certainty of heaven ,that whatever you have done it is not too late ,that whatever you are being asked to do  you don’t need to do ,that it won’t earn you heaven ,that on the contrary you will face Allah  ashamed of what you have done ,that your teachers are misleading you ,you are being betrayed and used .

I say that just  as there are Muslims who say things that are not according to the teaching of Allah ,there are Christians who are not speaking for all the Christians ,or for our God ,your God.No true Christian wants the death of one single one of you, for love of our brethren we are angered by your acts ,but what we truely want and pray is to welcome you as our brothers and sisters in Christ.Whatever you have done you still have a chance to turn and become what you are meant to be ,a human being blessed by knowing the love of God ,able to create with acts of gentleness and love a world worthy of all our children and leave behind a legacy which you will not be ashamed to own before Allah.

We have a great Christian Saint who was  just like you, the bible writes about him in Acts and you can look him up on the Internet ,he was called first Saul and then Paul,he murdered Christians ,hunting out men and women and dragging them out  be killed and imprisoned because he felt by doing that he was serving God ,but one day God spoke to him and he listened and had the courage to change ,he is one of our greatest Christian writers ,he gave his life for his faith and he is one of our most loved and respected saints ,people reading his letters in the bible have achieved great things ,he left a lasting legacy .

To all those sites showing the videos of Christians being murdered and using it to promote hatred towards Muslims,you are wrong ,no evil can be cured by promoting more evil ,hatred can never be the answer to hatred ,the ones to be pitied in those videos ,the real victims are the killers ,the Christians are not mere victims ,they died victors because they died for what they believed in a message of peace and love and acceptance and those who are outraged by their deaths should promote that same answer to violence .

To my Christian brothers and sisters I ask with all my heart that you do not allow the images of evil to turn your hearts against those committing them or those innocent Muslims who abhor them as much as you .I would put before you the example of St Paul and the response of the early church to persecution .God has welcomed to himself the souls of the martyrs but he also loves those who have murdered them and wants to have them turn and repent .When we allow ourselves to harbour towards them hatred or propagate hatred then evil has won.

To all those who watch news reports and then turn away ,I say this is a new holocaust ,Christians ,Jews ,other Muslims ,gays ,those who have views opposed to Isis are being massacred now this minute.In the time you have taken to read this post one Christian has been murdered.In the 1940s if video of the holocaust ,of the massacres ,mass graves and death camps had been seen then people say things would have been different,that the world didnt act because the world didn’t know,maybe that’s the case .But today now you do know .One day this video and others will be discussed as part of documentarys or school syllabus .One day you will be asked by your children and by a new generation what you did to help.Will you be shown to be one of those righteous Gentiles ,those heroes of the war who worked to save Jews or who acted as voices crying in the wilderness to educate the free world about the horrors ,those who we now respect ,or will you be unable to answer the question ,what did you do? And the even more damming  have no answer to the question why did you do nothing ?

I write this my message ,which I alone am responsible for,not my community or church ,I don’t attend a church and certainly not my friends ,neighbours or family .It is a message which I am willing to sign with my name and face.

Lynn Marie Cunliffe




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I am a Historian and author living in the north
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2 Responses to An answer to the message signed in Blood.

  1. Thank you for this, Lynn Marie. I believe that Christianity is the only hope for the world.

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