Many a true word spoken in jest ?an overview of Richard III related April fools posts

“The University of Leicester is planning to change its name to capitalise on its discovery of the bones of Richard III.

The proposal will be debated by the university’s senate next month. It is expected to agree to the institution formally being rechristened as King Richard University from September 2016.

Officials behind the plans also hope to rename some of the university buildings in tribute to the dead monarch to exploit the huge international interest in the discovery and attract lucrative overseas students.”,,,,,,,,

A university source revealed: “Our research shows that up to 10 per cent of people in some countries aren’t aware that it was the University of Leicester which found the skeleton of Richard III. Changing the name of the university is the natural next step.”

The students’ union has also been approached about co-operating in the new publicity drive, and has proposed staging a monthly club night called “Flogging A Dead Horse”, in honour of Richard III’s “My kingdom for a horse!” speech in Shakespeare’s play.,,,,

It is understood that university officials considered a number of alternative names for the institution, before settling on King Richard University. These included “Plantagenet Midlands”; “The University of Leicester, We Found Richard III”; and “The PR University”, after “Plantagenet Richard”.,,,,

And from History Extra

“I can think of no better tribute to this fascinating historical figure and wonderful family man than the erection of a theme park in his honour.”

Visitors will be able to learn about the discovery of Richard III’s remains at the theme park’s learning centre, and sample the types of foods eaten by the king himself, including swan, crane and heron.

Plans had previously been put forward by York to build a theme park near Middleham Castle, where Richard III spent much of his youth. These were, however, unsuccessful.

Also one I am not sure about ,,it may actually be true because there had been comments about it way back in Oct so I would love feedback on that,,many a true word maybe ?

A Swedish rock opera about King Richard III is to get its world premiere in London this October.

RichardRocks is inspired by both Shakespeare’s Richard III and Al Pacino’s 1996 film Looking for Richard, according to its producers.

Swedish musical theatre star Fred Johanson will play Richard III, with the rest of the roles cast in London.

A service to mark the reburial of King Richard III took place at Leicester Cathedral last week.

“Don’t expect this Richard to be a hunchback with a bad haircut,” said writer Maria Robsahm. “Our Richard is a manipulative Machiavellian prince – a modern psychopath.


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