York honours its King

York yesterday was the focus of several events arranged by its people to honour King Richard III ,Lord of the North.


Many of its citizens and those in the surrounding area were involved but so too were many from around the UK and from further afield ,Europe and the USA.

Its was a breezy but mostly sunny Spring day and the trees were starting to bloom providing a beautiful backdrop to the day

cherry blossum york

The highlight of the afternoon was the Guildhall celebration of Richards life.The Guildhall was the perfect setting

the guildhall window

(many thanks to Vanessa Maria Roe for this beautiful image of light shining through the guildhall windows)

The program a well thought out tribute to King Richard

program guildhall

.There was a beautiful floral tribute

Richard third event guildhall

It was well attended with no free seats .Admission was free but by ticket to prevent disappointment at the door or overcrowding,people turned up early and the Hall started to fill

guildhall 1

There was a varied but entirely appropriate program .

guidlhall band

I am indebted to the Northern Dales Richard III groups for these photos and the short account below.

A commemoration in Prayers, Readings and Music of The Most Famous Prince of Blessed Memory. The Guildhall was packed with Ricardians – a lovely, well-designed, well-executed tribute to King Richard.

FB page link


The highlight of the evening ought to have been the evensong at Yorks magnificent  Minister .

York minister sd

the spiritual heart of Yorkshire.For many who like me had been prevented from attending other events due to family or work commitments this was a long and eagerly awaited event.  The  greater part of service was beautiful and many gave their free time to supplement the normal evensong choir .The service was attended by dignitaries and minster clergy.

people leave minister

.Sadly the Dean  who had previously come to York as dean fresh from her post at Leicester Cathedral choose this service to preach a divisive sermon,I covered this elswhere .Most people left looking less than happy .

people leaving minister

The service was followed by a very well attended procession through York and a short address.

the processesion york

The Minister looked beautiful in the golden light of early evening and for me this was my last sight of York .

the minister magic hour

After the sad events in the Minister many found the beautiful and moving  Requim Mass  at ST Wilfrid,s  RC church  a great consolation

.(the photo below is from Wikipedia by Kaihsu Tai http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St_Wilfrid%27s,_York#/media/File:St_Wilfrids_York_interior.JPG


other had not attended the evensong  due to other commitments and for them this service was a beautiful end to the day.It also fulfilled the wishes for Richard to have a suitable Catholic service .This account is from the Churches website .

“a Requiem Mass for King Richard III on Thursday 26th March (the day of his burial in Leicester) at 7pm in St Wilfrid’s Church after the events in York Minster. This is at the request of some members of the Richard III Society who point out that King Richard left instructions for a chantry chapel in York Minster with one hundred priests to say Masses for his soul.

The celebrant will be Rt Rev. Terence Drainey the Bishop of Middlesbrough and the preacher, Fr Richard Duffield, Parish Priest of St Wilfrid’s.

The Mass will be in English with the Latin Plainchant familiar to King Richard sung by the choir.


St Wilfreds has now put up an account with images of its beautiful requiem mass


The people of York  honoured Richard with dignity and respect.

We have never needed to go “Looking for Richard” because we were never careless enough to lose him .

Richard Lord of the North may currently be entombed in Leicester but he has always and will always reign in York and in the hearts of its people

Loyalty binds us


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