Unusual items for sale on Etsy

eliz shot gown 2

I have made a very wide range of Muffs,pockets ,cauls,snoods,ruffs ,collars and  coifs  which are currently listed on Etsy here’s a selection, apologies for the rather haphazard spacing I wanted to get the post up and running for people who have been inquiring about Etsy but my laptops being uncooperative this morning .

Snoods and Cauls

beaded silk caul russet

This is beaded russet silk

m black caul

This is vintage hand beaded tulle with wide pearl front trim There’s also a  muff  and a coif in this fabric

black beaded eco muff black coif I also have several that are more hair net style cauls in assorted colours and fabrics diamonte caul


jewled complex coif

This is a beautiful faux silk damask and matches the gowns such as the one belowven gown

There’s also other accessories in this fabric

tudor muff red dmask pocket narrow red hood

Theres a range of eras covered in all the accessories but especially coifs black worked coif whiteworked coif 1 coif pealr sd aqua sill coif rabbit fir coif silk coif red antique lower orders coif mark linen coif det golden coif 1 Muffs/hand warmers and gloves

pink gloves blackwored white muff ermine gloves silk pink muff glove tops red ivory and gold muff small det med pink muff gal

Ruffs and Faux Ruffs

red ruff side  blackwrk ruff gal ruffbig Collars and chokers

s med gold and pearl collar det black and gold choker green chokers  yellow collar dep pink collar  black goth coker

Pockets and Headdressses

pocket 1 grey damask  red trim hood silk hod gal red hood Oversleeves blue sleeves green sleeves red vel over tudor inner sleeves And other items green bon lady catherine hat apron front Alongside of course gowns aprcgl green brocade dress red jewled caraco jacket kat howard 4 eliz shot gown 2

detailing bodice

goldwork gown detail

These and many other items can be found in my Etsy shops here https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/TudorCourtClothing?ref=hdr_ https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Ladylucreziascloset?ref=hdr_shop_menu And the remaining  Etsy shop “My ladies wardrobe ” ,which is currently being renovated but will be up and running again in Jan 2015


About hathawaysofhaworth

I am a Historian and author living in the north
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