The Evita Project ,or why is Eva Peron still relevant?


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I have been asked by the author of a forthcoming book to give the reasons for my interest in Eva Peron or Evita as she is most commonly known.The Author is also interested in other peoples reasons for being interested in Eva Peron so please check out her pages.For basic information there is the FB page here

to see gain a more wide-ranging view of the work try theTwitter pages here

My interest in Eva was first piqued by the Musical Evita,though for from a flattering portrait of Eva as its based I believe on the biography “The Woman with the Whip” by Mary Main , I was interested in a woman who could climb so far ,so quickly in a society were the odds were stacked almost entirely against her, she was poor ,illegitimate and a woman, even today  any one of those can be obstacles  to climbing the social and economic ladders but in the opening decades of the 20thc in a latin American country they were almost insurmountable .That Eva dared imagine what must have seemed the impossible and had the strength of character to act on her  ambitions I found fascinating .However as I read more about Eva what really struck me was the way she behaved after she had achieved all her ambitions ,married ,rich , pretty ,healthy and young ,well known and loved for her previous  media work and ,the top of the social scale as the presidents wife ,the first lady of Argentina and not just a typical first lady she had an active role in Perons work. This is the point at which most people would probably have settled back and enjoyed their success, yet it was at this point that Eva began working harder ,sometimes up to 18 hours a day ,to help the poor of Argentina, when working outside of her office she  would often eat her meals in the canteen with other workers  and personally spent time with those we wished to help .Also what I felt extremely important ,she fought to gain women more rights and unbelievably managed to secure them the right to vote .

Eva unlike many poor who claw their way out of poverty did not stand back and offer “pull your self together and get working harder advice or lack sympathy for those without the means or will to better their lot ,she spent much of her brief time in power helping the powerless and always sided with the poor against the rich.

Yes she was part of a totalitarian regime which did some pretty unpleasant things to its opponents  but that was the world she moved in ,that was Argentina and dozens of other countries at that time ,she had no means to change the way the game was played what she did was use the power she had to the best benefit of the powerless ,which seems to me a magnificent way to spend a life however brief.



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One Response to The Evita Project ,or why is Eva Peron still relevant?

  1. Quintin Crisp used to quote her as the epitome of style. She once threw her arms into the air, exclaiming ‘We the shirtless’ – as her diamond bracelets slipped down her arms. The Great Eva all over!

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