Ever after Regency gown

My costuming swan song ,this is probably the last dress ever to be hand sewn by me


,I have long-planned an “Ever After ” Breath gown”

breathe gownI eventually found a vintage Lengha ,which is an Asian wedding gown or outfit consisting of Lengha ,Dupata and blouse .This was hand beaded and embroidered in much the same way as the Breathe gown.

regency gown  full length

I made an under layer and cut up the shawl and skirt part of the Lengha to make a trained over gown ,I used gold jaquared ivory brocade for the under gown  backed with white silk for the train part ,,,,the bodice I hand worked with panels from the lengha over silk  ,genuine antique ivory satin ,strings of seed pearls and antique gold modern lace. unusually for my gowns the back of the bodice is boned while the front isn’t ,I wanted a soft front but the weight of the beaded fabric required support at the back to stop the back of the bodice sagging

regency gtown bodice I added Regency sleeves rather than create an exact replica Breathe gown but the bodice is in the medieval style ,Medieval costumes influenced some Regency gowns .

The fabric is slightly textured silk organza or silk tissue shot with old silver,the crinkle effect is identical to that of the movie gown but the colour is brighter ,My Lengha fabric is a delicate aqua shot with silver and shimmers beautifully in the light. It’s completely decorated along its lengths  ,, the beadwork is thousands of gold-plated bugle beads ,gold-plated wirework embroidery and ,claw set Austrian crystals ,this fabric would have been entirely hand stitched and the stitching is visible on the back of the gown.The translucent silk fabric is backed with fine cotton muslin .

regency gown back1

regency gown sleeve


About hathawaysofhaworth

I am a Historian and author living in the north
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6 Responses to Ever after Regency gown

  1. This is wonderful work.

  2. Lynn Collins says:

    Why are you stopping sewing? You’re so good at it.

    • Hi
      I am begun again ,I have bad arthritis which was making keyboard use and sewing very hard but its been a lot better recently

      • Lynn Collins says:

        How it must break your heart! I am glad to hear that you are feeling a little better. I have long admired you work and envied your skill not a little. Please don’t feel compelled to answer but I shall keep my fingers crossed for further recovery so that you can continue to do the needlework you do so well.
        Best wishes, Lynn Collins

      • thank you for your lovely comment ,I am hoping things may stay better now as we have moved to a much drier and slightly warmer area and that seems to have made a huge difference .

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