The new 16thc costumes from paintings items,Mary Tudor and Eleanor of Toledo

I have finished two long time wish list gowns .

One is based on a portrait of Mary Tudor ,It’s an aubergine  velvet typically English styled gown

Mary gown glQueen-Mary-Tudor-of-England-1554

mary gown and silver sleevesThere is a petticoat of the same fabric as the sleeves and the portrait ,I also made another set of sleeves and petticoat which were loosely based on other portraits of Mary.

Mary gown cherry trees white pettc

There is a partlet but I forgot to wear it for the photos.I also have a later french hood that is the same style as the portrait hoods but didnt get photos

cliff castle door mary gown

mary tudorcliff castle door mary gown

This is the last of my Mary Tudor gowns as I have now made most of the ones in the portraits except the posthumous ones and the Brown gown which with the exception of colour is almost identical to the other gowns.

This was my previous Mary gown based on a portrait my Master John

mary gown back

Mary_I_by_Master_Johnmary_tudor_gown_by_abigial709b-d47i53yThe Earliest Mary gown was based on a hybrid of descriptions and portraits

mary gownThe next gown I have completed is from a completely  different source and is an Italian gown from the 1540s based on this portrait of Eleanor of Toledo ,who lived in Florence having married into the Medici family


This is my version ,I slightly altered the sleeves to make them easily removable as the gown is for sale and quite expensive so I wanted to ensure potential buyers could use it  in as many ways as possible ,hence the sleeves and petticoat can both be mix and matched with other gowns.

eleanore gown wt partlet

I also made a gold partlet and gold and pearl trimmed snood as these are seen in other Eleanor portraits.

elenaroe gown snood

eleanor gown  lrI also made an Eleanor gown based on portraits ,the burial gown and the Pisa gown

eleanore pr gowneleanore gown st

I am planning other Eleanor gowns next year  possibly this one assuming I can find fabric


,my current project is the Elizabeth 1 phoenix gown which is now part made as I have finally found suitable fabric

Elizabeth20 phoennixFor a brilliant blog with much more detail on the Eleanor and Phoenix gowns please check out

The Eleanor gown is on Etsy here

and the mary gown is here


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