The 1830s Emily Bronte gown and some free use images for bloggers

We had a photograph taking day yesterday and  took several on Pennistone so there may be some that are of interest to bloggers needing Bronte inspired images .

penistone crag 1

This is the path up to the small crag near the top car park at Pennistone ,for photographers wanting a wilderness looking photo but only a few minutes from a road or cap park this is a perfect setting

penistone cg


blue cloak back hood

penistone  emily gown

cloak and bonnet closedblue cloak front

I finally managed to make  a properly pouffy sleeved gigot sleeved dress ,though by accident rather than design,I bought the fabric online hoping it might be a good match for Charlotte Brontes going away gown fabric but its much too dark and the stripes too widely spaced so I resued it for this gown.The past image is of  the gown with a correct shaped collar which I made myself out of vintage Victorian lace as early collars from the 1830s are too expensive for everyday work wear so I thought I would share the shots of the collar these are taken at  the St Ives estate nr Bingley ,the bluebells are just starting to come out there so its a nice trio if your staying in Haworth as it’s not far from Haworth .

st ives bluebells

Any blogger and self publishing author is welcome to use the images but please give photo credit to John Cunliffe and Hathaways of Haworth


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I am a Historian and author living in the north
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4 Responses to The 1830s Emily Bronte gown and some free use images for bloggers

  1. ryan says:

    you should make more photos of the model wearing the cloak in strong winds, I would love to see the cape snap and billow in the wind.

    • I would haveliked a few more photos on the windy day,but the spots quite high and exposed and unfortunately wind tends to always be accompanied by heavy rain which the camera doesnt like much

      • Ryan says:

        well do you ever plan on doing photoshoots with cloaks?

      • Hi,
        I dd once do one for my costume sales site but now there are spread across my other posts or you might find them on a image guide as I have made most styles ,try Hathaways of Haworth lotr ,or a cloak search with H.O,H ,theres a couple of really nice ones in the video we were invovled in for Big screen Bradford and its sitll on youtube

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