The BBC and the Bronte Bell Chapel Thornton

bell chapel group

I was kindly asked to be involved in  reading some poetry at St JamesThornton.The church is now the site of the font from the old bell chapel ,it is the font at which all the Brontes children were christianed.It also houses Patrick Brontes reading desk.The churches members have been the driving force in restoring the Brontes old Bell chapel ruins and in clearing and maintaining  the graveyard

bell chapel font

I also read in the bell chapel ruins.A group of locals and church members also came to support the groups work

bronte bell chapel me and the ruins

The remaining  parts of the Bell chapel are the end window and Mr Brontes vestry which are behind me .The  surviving parts of the chapel  date from the reign of James the first when the chapels name was changed to st James from ST Leonard More about the chapel and the Action groups work can be found on their homepage

The main element of yesterdays event was some filming at the Bronte Bell Chapel by the BBC ,the program is about the work done to restore the chapel and the graveyard  and also about the theft and destruction wrought on it a few months past when thieves stole several gravestones  and caused damage.

bronte bell chapel Atw

The talented local artist Ashley Jackson was also present and he is pictured next to his painting of  Top Withins painted prior to the buildings collapes .He has also painted the chapel.

bell chapel plt

The painting is being used to help raise money for restoration work as its been used on limited edition plates  which are sold to raise money for restoration and conservation work.

bell chapel gr

More photos ,video of the readings and more information can be found on the groups FB page here.Thank you Steven Stanworth and the Bell Chapel action group for inviting me to be part of the special event,it was a privilege

bell chapel filming

Lastly a thank you to my lovely husband John for coming to support me and the group and for taking these photos and also  local author and photographer Mark Davis who gave up his time to take photographs to record the day

bell chapel mark


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