What did the Christians ever do for us? the contribution of Christians to the sciences and human Rights

A very quick post ,it has been suggested that Christians are by the very fact they belive in Jesus Christs death and resurrection must be unscientific or ignorant .Also that christianity has caused more damage than good and christians just condescending do gooders .

isaac newton

However nothing is further from the truth ,it has been suggested that the reason that western science was responsible for most major developmentsin science e is that monotheism by its nature suggests an ordered universe with constant laws which can be discovered.It is seen as the reason for the many contributions by Jewish ,muslim and christian scholars and scientists in sciences and mathematics .

Here then is a list of  the most famous Christians in the sciences. Every branch of Science was built on foundations laid in the monasteries and it was also within those monasteries that the important works of antiquity where presevered.The list below is a tiny fraction of the christians responsible for the foundation of science and of its development

Roger Bacon ,ironically it’s often Bacon’s recommendations for scientific inquiry that are used to support the idea that christians are incapable of logical thought

William of Ockham

The Franciscan friar responsible for the theory now known as Ockhams razor,

Nicolaus Copernicus

Andreas Vesalius  (author of the de Fabrica )

John Napier


Galileo Galilei

Marin Mersenne ,monk



Blaise Pascal

Gottfried Leibniz

Isaac Newton, ,Newton wrote more on theology than on science and mathematics

Carolus Linneas

Robert Boyle

Joseph Priestly

Michal Faraday

Charles Babbage

Gregory Mendel

James P Joule

Max Planck

George Lemaitre

It is also almost exclusivily Christian reformers who were responsible for the aboliton of Slavery ,the recognition that human beings have certain rights,decent working conditions etc

Christians and Human rights

William Wilberforce



Harriet Beecher Stowe

Pope Gregory XVI ,, responsible for writing an official condemnation of it by Catholic church

Defenders of native people s against European incursions

Bartolome de las Casas

Indeed many Jesuits were active in defence of native Peoples.

The Church was responsible for educating the poor and christians active in founding schools universities and colleges.

Church men were by far the most represented group on the Royal Society until the mid Victorian era.Monks ,Priests and other clergymen were until fairly recently the only well-educated men free to spend time thinking ,writing and experimenting.


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