Bronte country is ready for Easter

After the appalling weather which caused widespread disruption Spring seems to have eventually  come to  Bronte country ,Haworth and the surrounding area has worked hard to clear its roads and every main road is now clear as are almost all smaller roads.

road brad

The snow piled high either side of many small roads attests to the hard work of local councils ,farmers and private individuals in clearing the regions roads .


Visitors to Haworth will have a unique chance to see the county in spring sunshine that’s reflects off drifts of up to 15 ft .Children will be able to build snowmen or sledge while waiting for their Easter eggs to arrive.

blackmpore spring

Visitors to Haworth will find the cobbles have been relaid and though work continues around it the Bronte Parsonage is also open .A  lady dressed in Victorian clothing will be around on Mainstreet to give directions to the  Parsonage .


About hathawaysofhaworth

I am a Historian and author living in the north
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