Wuthering bikes, the Bronte tour de france shoot

Sarah  and Yvonne were the Bronte sisters today for a tour de france shoot ,the local newspaper the T&A wanted photos to promote the areas involvement in the tour de france .The bicycle was actually around during the Brontes day though not the modern racing bike design

Sarah was  Emily and Yvonne Anne  and  she was also Charlotte for the cycling shots as I am not a stunt Bronte ,though I did a brief stint as Charlotte for some  roadside shots .Full marks to Sarah  and Yvonne for braving sub-zero temperatures, snow and a chilly wind.

penistone snow

Also for dodging diggers and assorted cars to cycle down the hill in full 1840s outfits

Brontes shoot

.Heres a photographic record of the shoot

The spot choosen

pensitone snow

The cosy part waiting for the photographers to arrive at West field lodge (up on Penistone  Moor just before the turning to drop farm ,its got a bunk house but also loaned us one of their apartments to wait and change in ,,and they were lovely and warm ,so great many thanks Westfeild

three sisters interior

The first set of shots

three sisters west

The three sisters shot,,

three sisters road

By 20 mins into the shoot the weird ladies in the snow had attracted several curious walkers  and a further two photographers

wuthering bikes 3

The Newspapers fancied an action shot so Sarah and Yvonne bravely cycled up and down the moor  risking becoming Bronte roadkill as several drivers nervously edged past  and the  snow plough and digger ,(I was luckily bike less)

bronte bikes car

bronte cars

bronte bikes digger

A road less traveled,many of the side roads on the moors are still blocked by snow ,but Charlotte and Emily soldiered on

wuthering bikes

And a group shot ,

bronte bikes close up 2

Many thanks to

Westfield Lodge for allowing us to use they really nice and lovely and warm apartment,and  Airedale cycles for loaning the bikes,

Ian Howard for liasing with the T and A and arranging the shoot,the  newspaper photographer for turning up when the roads were so appaling.

wuthering bikes sh

Mark Davis and John Cunliffe  for turning up to get shots, Sarah and Yvonne for braving the weather and for incredible balancing skills on the modern mens racing bikes in full Victorian 1840s clothing,especially for careering dangerously down Penistone Moor .

and of course

Hathaways of Haworth for costume loan!

I don’t think Charlotte and the sisters would have  considered it very ladylike to cycle across the moor but I am sure the Brontes would applaud their  determination despite the cold to promote Haworth and the areas part in the Tour de france and improve tourism.


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I am a Historian and author living in the north
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2 Responses to Wuthering bikes, the Bronte tour de france shoot

  1. Ian says:

    It was Aire Valley Cycles. Cobbly and Cockshots do tools and keys 🙂

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