Spring in Oxenhope ,the Day after tomorrow in Bronte country

snow black moor road

Drifts black moor road

drift moors

snow  jcb cockhill moor

The Hebden Bridge Cockhill Moor road today with a solitary digger clearing the road ,its just above the cemetry in Oxenhope and theres miles of drift to clear so I suspect Cockhill moor will be a while before its drivable again

black moor road

Black Moor road ,view from the car ,this path was cleared by a local with a digger, our council seem to have abandoned much of Oxenhopes out roads to their snow fate

road end black moor

Black moor road as far as Upwood park from the Haworth side,the road is closed by very deep drifts  as can be seen in this and the next shots

black moor road march

This is the actual route of Blackmoor road its outer edges are were the tops of the drystone walls are sticking out of the drifts

blackmoor road end

The cleared part of Black moor road seen from on top of the snow drift covered remaining road

view out of car window blackmoor road

car window side view  black moor road

snow 5 bar gate cockhill

Five bar gate above Oxenhope

diggers dog and gun road diggers clearing the top road to Denholme above the Dog and gun

dog leeming wells

post box sawwood

further afeild

nr tip the main road nr the tip

drifts moor top

snow drift moors

snow stripes


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I am a Historian and author living in the north
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