Snowy weather ,The Arsenic Green 1840s dress and the 1850s taffeta gown

car me

The  weather turned unexpectedly snowy for our first easter booking so I ended up having to have a costume rethink  and decided to wear the arsenic green  dinner/evening gown .The fabric for the dress was a lucky find as though modern its exactly the same colour as the usual arsenic green fabric from victorian times.I use it to illustrate victorian clothing talks about the different hazardous dyes etc used in making clothing ,the most infamous being arsenic.

arsnic dress 2

The dress is a late 1840s early 1850s style and the fabric is quite thick ,the lace is original victorian lace .

st ives green dress

The photos are taken at St Ives just outside Bingley,I wanted shots for our flyers and for calenders ,I also love  taking snow shots so I wanted to get some of St Ives .

My other Easter gown has been my old Christmas work gown the blue tartan taffeta one ,I dont usualy wear the same gown for two seasons work but unfortunatly the weather was far too bad for the  ivory cotton gowns I had planned to wear.The blue gown is off the shoulder and short sleeved but quite stiff taffeta so its slightly warmer than cotton.

blue gown side




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