Mrs Bronte update

I now have photos of the Mrs Bronte day at the Bronte Parsonage museum.The Museum celebrated the anniversary of Patrick and Maria Brontes wedding onDec 29th 2012.I was mrs Bronte for the day .The lovely and talented Carissa also worekd hard in costume and was Miss Charlotte Bronte.Here she is pictured in the childrens study/Emilys Room

(I am very deeply indebted to Mark Davis of Mark Davis photography for use of his images and to the Bronte Parsonage Musuem)

carissa emilys room


The parsonage had several events ,childrens activities and free cake and wine in the foyer.

Me carissa and A sumners

I gave talks on pockets in the exhibition space and helped children with the worksheets or writing slope

lyn parsonage talk 1 sm Mark Davis


and told the story of the romance and marriage by reading extracts from Maria”s Letters in Mr Brontes study.

lyn parsonage talk 4 sm mark davis

lyn parsonage talk 3 sm mark davis

The study is now compelty different as after extensive research the Parsonage has been redecorated to more closely conform to its appearance in the Brontes day.

For details on the redecoration and other events at the museum ,the museums opening times and exhibitions please check the link below

Mark Davis  of Mark Davis photography has covered many events  such as the Jane Eyre pre realse screening ,the Bronte christmas Carol and a host of other events and his images can be seen here

Vistors to Haworth

Please note at present the road between the Parsonage and Mainstreet  is being repaired but the Parsonage is still easily accesed by walking around the outer edge of the chruch and through the graveyard,this routes also gives a much better view of the houses frontage ,though it can be slippy in very wet weather .

charlottoe graveyard



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