Haworths first steampunk weekend input welcomed

I do not live in Haworth and I am not involved in the events planning ,I volunteered to post on my blog to publicize the event for Haworth but As we will no longer  be living in the area at the time of the event and I  will be unable to attend  I would direct people to Haworth villages site and ask anyone interested to contact the village via that site


About hathawaysofhaworth

I am a Historian and author living in the north
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5 Responses to Haworths first steampunk weekend input welcomed

  1. Steve Frearson says:

    I am the person that organised the last (very sucessful) event in Haworth I run the “Steampunks Yorkshire” group on Facebook and we currently have over 450 members not only from Yorkshire but from the rest of the UK and beyond ! If you would like to contact me we can discuss working together to make this event a sucess. Steve

    • Hi
      I am sorry ,I have just noticed my reply to you doesnt seem to have been posted I am sorry if for some reason it didnt load .I did reply straight away and said thank you and I also did pass your details on to Haworth I am not sure what will go on from this point as we are moving shortly But I think Haworth does know about you and I will mention it again before we move ,many thanks and I hope the weekend goes well

    • Dawn Teal says:

      hI steve, i live in halifax but i have a niece visiting from birmingham and a sister from chepstow visiting on the steampunk weekend we will be coming, however is there a evening event happening to visit

  2. Michael Young says:

    I also run a Steampunk group on Facebook called White Rose Yorkshire Steampunks we have a memberhips just short of 400 members I have run Steampunk events in Saltaire ,Ilkley ,Skipton and the National Media Museum in Bradford to watch THE HOBITT .I am currently in contact with Nikki Carroll who is one of the organisors for this event.

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