Shame on you Bradford council !

The Bronte Birthplace trust lost its bid to acquire the Brontes Birthplace at Thornton despite valiant efforts on behalf of its members and the support of locals.

bronte birthplace 2

The failure of the noble attempt to preserve for posterity a site of immense historical and cultural interest must surely rest firmly on the shoulders of Bradford council ,whose short-sighted refusal to loan the trust the funds has resulted in the house being sold to a private indivdual.Its is not often that a piece of priceless heritage comes up for offer at less than £150,000 or that a group of people elected to serve a region are Philistines enough to turn their backs on the chance to preserve its cultural heritage at a bargain basement price.

It has long been suspected that the residents of Bradford unfortunate enough not to live within a stones throw of the city’s offices are all but invisible to the city’s councilors ,their views un important and their taxes best spent keeping Bradford  city at its best ,the council taxes levied on the outlying areas sees scant returns  despite the hefty payments levied on residents and traders in locations such as Haworths mainstreet.

Our roads are often ungrited ,our pavements unrepaired, cash is spent on ridiculous projects and incentives and withheld when needed for essentials ,we have long since learned that if we want anything doing we have to do it ourselves.Yet the councils latest performance is beyond belief .


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I am a Historian and author living in the north
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One Response to Shame on you Bradford council !

  1. steve Stanworth says:

    I fully endorse all the above and more. Hang your heads in Shame Council. you are a disgrace.

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