York Minister is rethinking its decision on Richard III

York minister has been rethinking its unpopular stance on RICHARD III burial ,its has come under a lot of criticism for allowing its current dean  who was until recently dean at  Leicester claim  that the Minster supported Leicester and wouldn’t have the Kings remains.It was completly out of touch with local feeling and the wishes of Richard a past benefactor and parishioner.

Its position is being re assessed

I and numerous other campaigners received the following email .

Thank you for taking the time to write to York Minster about King Richard III.  The subject has stimulated a great deal of debate, with people expressing strong opinions both for and against his remains staying in Leicester.  We are currently collating feedback, and also liaising with City of York Council and the Richard III Society.

The petition to have Richard buried in York as opposed to leicester where there has been much talk of publicaly displaying the bones and were should the funeral take place its being planned as fairly low key and without input from the Catholic faith



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I am a Historian and author living in the north
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