Tudor gown shoot

A few random photos from the Tudor gown shoot as I thought they would be handy for costume resources or for stock images.

The basic foundation for the outfits is the black damask Tudor gown,I added an assortment of different over sleeves ,undersleeves ,petticoats and headdresses to create a variety of slightly differeing looks.

The dress with a dark purple and gold contrasting petticoat and undersleeves and black velvelt oversleeves

black and purple sleeves

The same dress with a self coloured petticoat ,a white neckline filler ie partle tand gold oversleeves but with no undersleeves

partlet black damask gown

black gown side

The same gown and petticoat with much fuller oversleeves and finaly below my most recent aquisation a zibellino ,this has been made using a vintage ermine pelt given to me by a friend but I also intend to make a Marten one


Finaly my first outer Partlet of the year

woods partlet and red slse


About hathawaysofhaworth

I am a Historian and author living in the north
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