” Now is THIS winter of our discontent, made glorious summer by this son of York “

richard third

I have to confess to watching the recent Richard III King in the Car Park documentary spellbound,rarely in our lives are we able to be witness to discoveries of lasting historical significance .It was also wonderful to see that the search had been driven  forward ,not by “official academic sources” but by enthusiastic Ricardian ,Phillipa Langley and with backing from the Richard III  society .Invaluable research was provided by John Ashdown Hill

phillipa langley richrd

The debate is now on as to what ought to be done with Richard III bones.I feel very strongly as I think do many in this area that Richard  III should come home ,to Yorkshire. Certainly the discovery of his body seems to have  created a little  sun in the dreary winter days for many  residents questioned about their reactions to the discovery .

For Yorkshire he is our Good King Richard  and has always remained so despite his  sinister reputation .In addition  it is recorded that he  wished to be buried in York ,He lived much of his life in Yorkshire,he was happy here and enjoyed in his lifetime the devotion and love of  Yorkshire’s people, they were his only defenders in defeat .York issued two defiant statements about Richard after his defeat by Henry Tudor at Bosworth .

… king Richard late mercifully reigning upon us was thrugh grete treason of the duc of Northfolk [sic] and many other that turned ayenst hyme, with many other lordes and nobilles of this north parties was piteously slane murdred to the grete hevynesse of this citie …’

(recorded  in Yorks city minutes full text here http://www.silverboar.org/deathentry.htm)

I belive York still holds almost annual requiem masses for Richard .

Leicester meanwhile is the place where Richard was paraded naked in defeat ,where he has remained unhonoured  and ignored and where he was only discovered because of outside research and with outside funding,Leicester’s final insult was to have some careless archaeologist put a mattock through his skull ,while excavating his already exposed remains,, Shuffled from his burial in a cardboard box in the back of a van ,they hypocritically displayed  his remains in a glass case on black velvet  for the benefit of the worlds press.Of course Leicester want his body ,its a big tourist draw,,they are already planning some tacky Richard tourist attraction ,striped of his dignity in defeat there  centuries ago ,he will yet again be striped of his dignity in death ,exploited to make a quick buck.Indeed Leicester are already planning to display Richards remains to the public.


,surely this is not how we ought to treat our Kings .

Also why should a devoutly Catholic man be interred with protestant rites in an anglican church


There is now a govt petition to bring Richard  this  son of York back to home to the place that has always called him Good King Richard.

sign online here



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I am a Historian and author living in the north
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