Good News for Haworth clampers victims ,possible refunds for other victims

A local man has won his court case against car stoppers Haworth Clamper  Ted Evans company responsible for the changegate car park in Haworth ,infamous for car clamping.The case brought against Mr Evans  is featured here

It paves the way for possible refunds from other victims of Mr Evans who have also been clamped for having tickets fall off .Though clamping is now prohibited ,the car park is still allowed to issue fines but anyone suffering a penalty for non sticky tickets might like to cite this case to Mr Evans.


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I am a Historian and author living in the north
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5 Responses to Good News for Haworth clampers victims ,possible refunds for other victims

  1. I am a victim of these men myself difference is they criminally damaged my car the day the clamping band came in to effect for 2 years I have tried to get them to pay for what they did. No compensation still no car loss of my business they stole money n medication. I’ve called trading standards.the media, several producers and not one person has offered to make a report or offered me help after asking I am just as important as every one else I bleed the same and still I have received on advice or help!!!!!!

  2. The page evidence photos n video footage are on my facebook page called changegate car park haworth

  3. Kenneth Aaron says:

    My wife was clamped by them 08/08/2006 and charged £53 to be released. They even watched her buy the ticket to park and put it in the car!!. Despite much representation at the time to councillors etc, nothing was forthcoming. Needless to say we have never visited Haworth again and will not do so until such time as the clamping fee is fully refunded. I would even insist that it is adjusted for cost of living increase.

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