My 2013 Tudor collection and wish list

My next years Tudor outfits are in the planning stage

For the traditional early or mid Tudor look ,I will make a close fronted black Anne Boleyn gown either in this mat black taffeta flocked damask or in velvet.I will make over sleeves of the same fabric.

anne_bolyen_by_abigial709b-d3kjkj5 (for anyone wanting to buy a gown this will be the cheapest style and cost around  £120 in taffeta that excludes the hood)It can be made in damask with a train or fuller skirts for £150 also excluding the hood.

tudro gown

Undersleeves can be bought for an extra £20 to £40 depending on fabrics ,trims and detailing

The simple french hoods around  £20 for braid trimed ones  or for pearl trimmed such as the one below £30

bolyen hood

I have decided to make a concerted attempt to branch out,to more unusual styles though .I have long wanted to make a version of the Catherine Howard /lady Seymour  black puffed sleeved gown  .It will  square necked and close fronted  and be £175.I can make it open fronted for the same price but it would then need a petticoat.

kath howard

The Kat Howard French hoods  seen in this portrait will be available but quite expensive around £70 each

I am also hoping to find a rich black and gold damask to make the Eleanore of Toledo gown

 eleanorI would charge around £200 for this gown with the  tie on slashed sleeves in damask.It would be fairly similare to the gown belown  in cut .I can make it eaither with an intergral skirt or with the bodice and skirt as two parts so they can be mix and matched .Its also possible to buy extra contrasting sleeves.

whiteDress +waterTroughThe sleeves would be similare to the ones below in terms of actual detailing but have slashed panels


I have another Elenanor gown planned  as there is an actual gown of hers still in existence ,,from her coffin rather gruesomely but I thought it would be great to reproduce to actual size an extant gown .Heres the gown

extant elenaore

elenaro extant (the gown is stored in the Pitti Palace in Italy) There is also a very similar though much better preserved gown in Pisa ,,known as the Pisa Gown

pisa gown I am pretty sure either one or both gowns were the inspiration for these gowns in Elizabeth R so theres a lot of ways to alter the gown and mix and match it with ohter sleeves or petticoats

eliz r toledo gowns

I can make all the parts of the outfit ,bodice ,sleeves and skirt  as seperate items  so the bodice can be worn with other skirts

virgin queen This Pisa gown would be £250 with all the trimmed edges and sleeves .

The third item I am planning to make is an overgown based on this in the V and A museum

vam overgown

I have seen versions in a few movies and costume dramas my favourite was a green velvet one in Elizabeth R.I did make one in gold velvet last year but the fabric was vintage and there was not enough to make it as full as I would have liked.The overgown has yet to be priced but is likely to be at least £275 as it has a lot of fabric in it and is fully lined

bathory editeI also intend to make  this Mary Tudor gown in deep purple velvet as I use the portrait below to talk about the peregrina pearl.The Mary tudor gown will be a very full and trained open fronted gown In good quality velvet with gold plated wirework trim at the neck and genuine silk damask fronted petticoat and undersleeves the outfit  would be £375 (excluding this headress but I would include a simple french hood)

mary tudor

I have made a taffeta version in the past and the velvelt one will be similare.I can make this taffeta outfit with its petticoat and black velvet oversleeves but  excluding the partlet and undersleeves for around £200.

mary gown

As far as early Tudor gowns go I am hoping to find enough decent red velvet to finally make the Elizabeth of York gown.The Elizabeth of york gown has a lot of gold trim and a lot of  good quality red velvelt ,plus it needs actual ermine for trim  so it likely to be around £37o.However a simpler version in damask or taffeta with merely the bodice trimmed and without the fur cuffs would be substantialy cheaper


Headress wise I am planning the Elizabeth of York gable hood ,and the french hoods in the assorted portraits .Plus this cute little red hood ,though in shot gold silk

FrancoiseBrezeHead french hood

Luxury gowns

I can make a gown in the style below and with all the pearl detailing it would however be expensive £500.the gown comes as a bodice and skirt with tie on sleeves so  it could be mix and matched

ven gown

Finaly my own  almost impossible gowns wish list ,costumes that are still waiting for lucky finds of fabrics or trims needed to make them ,My Ann of cleaves gown and hoodanneofcleves

And again high on my wish list but waiting for suitable fabric is this Elizabeth 1  Ditchley portrait gown


The wonderful pelican gown which just needs a bulk find of pearls and some gorgeous velvet

 eliza pelicanand the harder to achieve Phoenix gown

Elizabeth20 phoennix

as recreated in Elizabeth R

elizabth r gown


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