Meet the Brontes west Lane Baptist church ,changes to the evening program

Due to an injury Lynne Cunliffe will not now be speaking at the Bronte evening,though she will be attending  ,the costume displays remain unchanged as do the other speakers ,Its hoped a replacement to speak on the Brontes domestic arrangements and clothing can be found,


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I am a Historian and author living in the north
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6 Responses to Meet the Brontes west Lane Baptist church ,changes to the evening program

  1. paper doll says:

    Very sorry to read of your injury :(…get better soon!

    • Hi
      Thank you , I confess I have been quite down as its an arkward problem to have when you make your living by talking!I am planning some video footage of the event as you suggested and I am toying with maybe doing the “talk” that way ,,by seperatly recording the two mannequins being undressed and my other stuff on the brontes clothing over a number of seperate days and playing them on the night to save me talking much

      • paper doll says:

        Sounds good to me, why not? People actully expect more of that than one person just speaking it seems to me.

        Hope you are better soon in any case!

  2. paper doll says:

    See it as a chance to rethink and retool how you want to go forward. If these things didn’t happen, we would just plow on and that’s not always what’s best.

    I thought you hurt your foot or something, is it your voice?

    • Hi
      ,I have sliped a cartiledge disc in my jaw ,it went back in place a few days back so I can move my mouth properly and speak much more clearly,but I am not supposed open my mouth too wide or talk too much as its still not compelty right and it would make it worse again and I dont really want to make it worse as I still dont have a full range of movement as it is ,I can only eat soup or slushy food at the moment and Johns having to go to all the various christmas “dos” alone because they are all sit down meals ,on the plus side I have lost a bit of weight as I discovered most fattening stuff needs chewing !

      • paper doll says:

        wow that’s sound fairly serious in that it can’t be put under stress right now, it’s just settling back in….Making recordings over a some days seems the way to go. rather than all at once live. I’m sorry you are dealing with this 😦

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