A whole day of Bronte Events for all ages at West Lane Baptist Church Sat Dec 8th from 1.30 to 10 pm

Hathaways of Haworth have a whole program of Bronte events is now planned for West Lane Baptist Church .There will be something for all ages .(There is likely to be more events included over the next few days but at present these are those definitely a part of the program.)

From 1.30 onwards there will be a chance to see  displays on Haworth and the Brontes  handle replica Bronte diary papers and mini books ,see  Hathaways research  and work on rarely seen Bronte artifacts and meet and take your  own photos with costumed re enactors.

The events  afternoon activities will include,,

A chance to see some of Hathaways costumes on display  as well as some items from TV costume dramas ,original Victorian items of clothing and  a dressing up “box” so children and adults can try dressing up in Victorian hats and bonnets.

make your own Victorian christmas card  complete with wax sealed envelope

make your own Bronte mini book
or diary paper

colouring sheets for the very young  and worksheets on the Victorians for kids

Admission is free for any child with an accompanying  adult,Adult admission  is £2. and a free tea ,coffee or cold drink is included in the cost.

From 4.30 until 6pm there is an adults  only time with more Victorian clothing and Bronte era artifacts on display, rare Smith and Elder copies of Brontes work ,more early victorian clothing  to view ,The BBC Cranford gown will be  on display from 4.30 onwards  and there will be  a chance to talk to some of the evenings speakers .Admission is again £2 and includes Scandinavian style mulled “wine” .

(Admission to both these  day time events is free if a ticket to the evening event has been purchased.)

The evening Program  which is more suitable for  adults begin  at 7 PM also at West Lane and includes a light supper

Evening events include

Further Displays of  replica Bronte artifacts and victorian clothing  which can  both looked at and handled  ,Hathaways costumes ,A look at Haworth in the Brontes day and” imagine a world without any Brontes” a look at how Haworth might be today had the Brontes never published.

There will be a chance to talk to Reneactors dressed as the sisters and their brother. Branwell ,Charlotte  and Emily will  be mingling with the guests and have been briefed to “act in character” so you can see  the Brontes in a social situation .

. There will be a chance to speak to our speakers about their work and research.

Hathaways of Haworths owner Lynn Cunliffe who will be talking about  he Bronte work and research ,including what Bronte clothing can tell us about the lives of the Brontes and how it can help in identifying or discounting new Bronte portraits or photos  such as those sold recently.The main element of the program will be “undressing the Brontes ” a look at what they wore by undressing two mannequins Charlotte and Emily and showing how each sisters clothing and attitudes to clothing can  shed new light on “Bronte Myths”

There will be shorter talk by

James Gorin Von Grozny ,owner of a  famous portrait  of three sisters which has been in the news as a possible new Bronte portrait,he will be putting forward his research and reasons for believing the portrait to be the Bronte sisters,there will  also be a chance to discuss his research and the painting afterwards.

There will be a short break and chance to collect a tea or coffee and the Evening continues with a look a Branwell First speaker is

Mr Charles Butler

Charles Edward Butler  is an independent artist and author who has  acted nationally across the country for the past twenty years  including some big and small screen work and more recently acting in the  Play Bronte boy. Mr Butler has  done small stints as a film maker with short films being submitted to festivals as far as New Orleans. He is also the author of a series of irreverent books on the history of the gothic movie.He will be giving a talk highlighting his research on Branwell and the authorship of Wuthering Heights but will also be available later to discuss the influence of  Branwell  on his sisters work and his review of the Quirk book Jane Slayer there will be a chance to discuss and  purchase his own books.


Ian Howard  local Bronte researcher musician and co author with Lynne Cunliffe of the short play “A Bronte Christmas Carol “will be giving a talk on his research on Branwell . Followed by an  exciting mix of Bronte inspired  music  by HuuJuu  including new songs .

The evening ends with a light Victorian and Bronte inspired supper of cold raised Pies ,pasties and other dishes (with a vegetarian option) Dessert will be Belgium  cakes and biscuits  in reference to Charlotte and Emily’s time in Brussels.

Tickets for the Evening are £12 and include supper .They can be purchased on the day by visiting us at West Lane Baptist Church , or online by contacting


or locally at Firths of Haworth  ( situated at the top of  Haworth Mainstreet )

The souke ,Haworth Mainstreet  opposite the Black Bull car park.

It may also be possible to purchase them on the night as long as the booking is made prior to the evening.


About hathawaysofhaworth

I am a Historian and author living in the north
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