Antique items for sale on Etsy,victorian christmas ,downton Abby era undies and nighdresses at very cheap prices

I was lucky enough to purchase a large box of Victorian items of clothing but there were several Edwardian items.

,nighdresses ,blouse ,chemise ,corset cover which are outside the eras we cover so they are curruently on Etsy ,heres the link to my shop

For anyone interested in Edwardian clthing or wating vintage underwear or nightgowns they are a bargin .

I mostly want to sell them to clear space so are priced for a rapid sale rather than profit.Theres also a really beautifuly made victorian apron.

and a victorian corded farm  or work bonnet ,

which I am selling as they were also in the box and I have too many bonnets and aprons so please check out Etsy if your after victorian items for christmas victorian / Dickensian events or just love pretty things!


About hathawaysofhaworth

I am a Historian and author living in the north
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