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I am sadly nolonger making costumes or doing the presentations ,I am still really happy to give a talk or do meet and greet for charities for no charge, though I nolonger have as wide a range of outfits.

My work was rather hard to  summarise but I described myself as a costumed educator .I used historical costume and items of clothing  and original artefacts and my own specifically designed aids, such as worksheets  to bring history to life .

ferndean mini books

These are my accurate recreations of Bronte diary papers and mini books.I also recreated the contents of Emilys writing slope and later of Charlottes.The diary papers are actual size written with dip pens.The letters are sealed with sealing wax ,the lace is similar to the fragment in Emilys Brobtes desk .I wanted people to see actual size items and try using dip pens, chilrdren got to make their own mini books.the picturecof Keeper is printed actual size amd cut to shape.emilysdeskm


I worked with all ages and a diverse group of clients ,including museums, day centres, residential homes ,schools, village associations ,charities and the media.I also occasionally did more realistic location shoots to pronote events

Gallery 1

blade and poffy dress


1830s bronte gown




moor top2



mount sg flight moors winter

brown bronte gown parsonage

Most of my work  involved recreating accurately a historical costume and my background is largely academic .Though I have done more relaxed events.

panto weekend steps



me becks sea

pantoweekend processiopn2


I have an Honours degree in European humanities with classical studies ,diplomas in related subjects ,though I also have  tourism and business studies HND and I am aware of the need to “market” certain events or provide a more public friendly form of “entertaining”  education.

Bronte Presentation 2


pantoweekend court mantua


bronte gown g

I have accurate costumes often with many original items ,for work with Museums,

lyn parsonage talk 1 sm Mark Davis

lyn parsonage talk 3 sm mark davis

lyn parsonage talk 4 sm mark davis

(Many thanks to Mark Davis photography for use of this image

Gallery 2

Assorted locations and costumes,I am always happy to work outside if needed and in most costumes .

moor back 1

bronte dress back

blue easter gowb

sg writ



whitby greyscale


scarb me becks



haworth 1940s 1


purple taffeta tudor gown

grreen tudor gown



eleanor gown f

villette_edite_by_abigial709b-d46wsio wp


laura and me

back claudia gown


 me laura whitby

sacq back back

penistone crag 1

parsoange walk



 regency gown


The talks are still availible to book ,though only Regency ,1940s and Bronte talks ,but these can be tailored to all ages and most situations.

lyn parsonage talk 1 sm Mark Davis(Many thanks to Mark Davis photography for use of the above image in the Bronte  Parsonage )Also for the one below from the Bronte Christmas carol play,whick Ian Howard and I co wrote,I had not planned on acting the Part of Charlotte,but a combination of flu and bad weather meant I had my one and only performance as a scripted actress ,even thoughI had wrote the lines its incredibly stressful in front of an audience ,I wrote them down as prompts in my book and bonnet .

ferndean-christmas-carol1 mark davis



I  have worked for the Bronte Parsonage giving both talks and occasionally providing childrens activities or giving readings such as this reading from Jane Eyre in the rooms of the parsonage  during their  exclusive pre release screening  of Jane Eyre ,its first showing anywhere in the uk  ,these readings were given  for VIPs  including Hollywood director Cary Fukanuga.The dresscis based on the Bronte Paisley gown and except for pin tucks I added around the hem is an exact copy, but recreated in a fabric as close as possible to fragments from the era.The locket is a mourning locket but I had to use my own hair so its  simple loop rather than wooven(I couldnt cut as muchcoff as would have been needed )the glasses are modern replicas but were tricky to walkcin unlike Charlotte I am long sighted and  walking in a blurry world is disconcerting.jane eyre mark davisMany thanks to Mark Davis photography for  use of these images.

This was followed up by further costume work for the parsonage BBC breakfast filming and complimented previous work done for Haworth and BBC big screen Bradford  during filming its promotional video of Haworth.I was only supposed to be a background figure for this so I hadn’t put the accurate collar on and had a hoop on ,but it snowed heavily overnight and the young lady who was Emily was far too cold in the taffetta wide necked Emily gown,especially to sit or stand without a cloak on.My gown was wool so it was a little bit warmer.We putva hoop under the Emily gown so it moved better in the snow.

filming haworthgraveyard

filming3BI also made the costumes used in this filming.Though I dont usually make costumes to order I have made limited numbers for re en-actors at Kentwell Hall.Warwick and Tutbury castle .

i  have often been used for promotional work and to provide a costumed presence that attracts media interest for events


bell chapel font

emily and the press


bell chapel filming ruin chapel

wuthering bikes 3

I also co wrote with Ian Howard a short work “A Bronte Christmas Carol”


ferndean-christmas-carol1 mark davis,I usually write under the pen name of Abigail Bell.

Gallery 2

three sisters west

three sisters road



We can be seen in the following media posts which are a  small selection of those online

Firstly my work for the Bronte Parsonage museum

Most recently I was booked to be Emily Bronte for a day of events including a train journey ,bus trip ,walk on the moor and garden party ,this event was also filmed Mrs Bronte day and advance publicity

the museums local day

one of the  gowns I have supplied to the Parsonage

Jane Eyre – Cary Fukunaga

My other Bronte related work (photo of myself with thw cast and quotes from my review)

‘A Bronte Christmas Carol’ at Ferndean manor

We have also  had our photograph  chosen by an author for basis of  her covers artwork andmore details to follow

As of the end of 2014 I will nomlonger covering events in costume or regularly take bookings for our old peoples home presentations.However  I still give talks and power point presentations .


About hathawaysofhaworth

I am a Historian and author living in the north
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